Holidaying At Home?

Jumpack bike holidays

With the worldwide Covid pandemic looking like it is going to continue for the foreseeable future, many families will be making the decision to 'Holiday at Home' in 2020 & 2021. In fact, many holiday destinations in the UK are reporting that they are already reaching capacity for 2021.

Campsites, B&B’s and hotels are set to experience a massive increase in local holiday trade in the coming 24 months.

While many destinations have local entertainment for the kids, we all know how hard it is to keep our kids occupied and entertained for the duration of the holiday. However, the benefit of holidaying at home over traveling abroad is that you can bring your entertainment with you. Bikes are an obvious choice and you can expect to see thousands of bikes on bike racks as people head towards their holiday getaways over the next 24 months.

Some of the cars you see with bikes on the back, especially BMX’s and Mountain bikes will have another piece of equipment in their trunk. A piece of equipment that will ensure that the kids are entertained all day every day. A piece of equipment guaranteed to keep boredom at bay. A Jumpack portable bike ramp.

Jumpack bike ramps

Jumpack is a revolutionary portable jump ramp that allows its users to carry the ramp like a backpack and create jump spots in seconds, anywhere. Due to its efficient size and weight, a Jumpack will take up very little room in the trunk of a car and even fits in the overhead compartment of a plane. At only 6kg your kids can explore the campsite or surrounding area creating their own personal jump spots before moving on to find a new location.

Many parents have described Jumpack as being a ‘friend magnet’ stating that as soon as the Jumpack is produced, there is an immediate buzz and a crowd of kids lined up to take their turn. It’s a great way for kids to make that initial connection with others. Especially if they are usually shy when it comes to making new friends. We all remember how awesome those neighborhood long jump competitions were when we were young?

If you are planning to bring bikes on your next staycation, the addition of a Jumpack bike ramp will guarantee memorable holiday. Your kids won’t have to rely on the entertainment provided, they will be able to create their own and take ownership of their daily activities. 

Jumpack bike ramp

If you have already booked your 'stay-cation' for next year and your kids enjoy BMX, Mountain Bikes, Skateboarding or Scooters, a Jumpack bike ramp will guarantee that they have the most amazing holiday, irrelevant of what the location has to offer.

They will also be the most popular kid on the campsite.