BMX Ramp

From Backpack to BMX Ramp in Seconds!

Jumpack ramps for bikes

At Jumpack we make the best ramps for bikes hands down.

In 2016 our portable ramp concept won the biggest Invention & Innovation competition in Ireland - INVENT 2016.

Check us out Jumpack Wins

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Jumpack Ultimate BMX ramp

"With a Jumpack BMX ramp on your back you will start to see your surroundings differently"

Carried in its own custom pack, Jumpack goes everywhere you go.

When you see that perfect spot, you're ready to session in under 30 seconds.

Some of the biggest names in BMX have already adopted Jumpack as their personal 'go-to' portable kicker ramp.

Nitro Circus athletes, X-Games Medalists and YouTube megastars all love the versatility and freedom that a Jumpack kicker ramp provides.

If you're looking for portable jumps for bikes, Jumpack is it....

Jumpack Features

Super-light at just 6kg in custom backpack

Ramp Transformer - Deploys in seconds with zero assembly

Patented dampening system ensures no sliding or slippage

3 height settings - grow from zero to hero

Modular design, connect with other ramps

Connect your GoPro and capture the action

Super strong, durable & weatherproof

A jump ramp for life, every single part is replaceable

Check Out The Jumpack Pro 3 Kicker Here

Jumpack portable BMX Kicker

"Get Ready To Own Your Environment" 

Unlike other BMX ramps, Jumpack has an integral Patented suspension system and strategically placed grip pads to make sure it holds its position no matter how hard you hit it. So feel free to spin, wall ride, whip and 360 out of it.

Jumpack bmx ramps

If you want a wider ramp, Jumpack is designed to be modular, so if there’s more than one ramp available, simply click them together and make it as wide as you like. This BMX ramp is as rad as you are...

Jumpack best kicker ramp for bikes

Jumpack is the ultimate portable bike ramp. Whether you are planning your first Jump or your first back flip. Jumpack is the only portable BMX ramp you'll ever need.  

How High Can You Fly?

Think you need a big ramp to go big? Think again... Jumpack's unique constant curve will give you the perfect flight path so the only thing you have to do, is decide on your approach speed.


The Jumpack bike ramp is designed for use with all action sports including MTB & BMX. The smart design ensures that it’s long enough to cover the wheelbase of most bikes, even DH bikes, so your back wheel is on it before your front wheel leaves it. So whether you want to pop-up and grind that high rail, or whip across a gap into that sweet down slope.. Jumpack is the bike ramp for every situation..

jump pack best bike ramps for bmx and mtb

Check Out The Jumpack Pro 3 Kicker Here

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