Award Winning Innovation

A New Era In Ramp Technology

Jumpack sets the bar in terms of ramp innovation.

In 2016 the Jumpack Prototype Concept won Ireland's most prestigious Innovation competition INVENT 2016.


Earlier that same year Patents were Granted on the unique Anti-Slide technology that makes this ramp so effective.

At only 6kg in its custom backpack Jumpack can be carried comfortably all day as you ride, skate or scoot from location to location.

Once you’ve found a spot that you like, Jumpack simply unfolds like a 'Transformer' into a substantial kicker in 10 seconds. Zero assembly required.

For entry level enthusiasts, Jumpack can be separated into three separate sizes of 'Training Ramp' to provide a safe 'learning curve' for those just starting out. This feature has made Jumpack a huge hit among coaches worldwide.

Jumpack is seriously strong. It's built for purpose using only the highest quality materials & components. Riders up to 250lbs / 115kg can use Jumpack with complete confidence.

A ramp designed and manufactured without compromise.

In addition to the portability, Jumpack boasts a selection of clever features including;

Integral dampening system that prevents the ramp from sliding or moving during use.

Modular feature allowing multiple ramps to be connected for mountain boarding, skiing or coaching.

Learn how to jump. Every Jumpack has 3 individual 'Training Ramp' height options for entry level riders.

GoPro connectivity - Create The Moment, Capture The Moment.

The Tools For The Job

To make the worlds most technically advanced ramp system a reality, we first had to spend $250,000 on some very special tooling.


The most portable, technically advanced ramp system on earth..

Anything else is a compromise.