Jumpack Army - We Want You As A New Recruit!

Jumpack has been inviting a number of our favorite riders from around the world and across multiple disciplines to represent our brand.

As a member of our team, you will be financially rewarded for the part you play in our evolution. After approval you will earn a commission on every Jumpack sold as a result of your videos, reviews and social media posts. 

Commission for new recruits is set at 5% which means that every time someone buys a Jumpack within 45 days of visiting our site after clicking your unique video link, your earn $8, if 10 people make a purchase its $80. All commissions are paid directly to your Bank Account or PayPal Account. It's simple and completely automated. 

In addition, as an ambassador for Jumpack you will receive a 5% Discount Code that you can share with your followers which will save them around $15 or the cost of their shipping. 

To apply, you must already own and be familiar with the function and features of your Jumpack.

Apply Here: https://jumpack.tapfiliate.com/programs/jumpack-army/signup/


Let us introduce you to some of our new Team Riders


Jumpack ramp for MTB and mountain bikes


 Name: Kilian Steiner

 Country: Switzerland

 Insta: @kil_enduro

 Discipline: MTB Enduro & Trials

 See Kilian in Action:  HERE



Jump pack ramp scooter trottinette


 Name: Cobie Wenyon-Chambers

 Country: UK

 Insta: @cobiefwc

 Discipline: Scooter & BMX

 See Cobie in Action: HERE


Best ramp for mtb


 Name: Nathan & Ruben de Vaux

 Country: Wales, UK

 Insta: @trailrippers

 Discipline: MTB Enduro & DH

 See the guys in Action: HERE



Connor stitt jumpack bmx ramp


  Name: Connor Stitt

  Country: USA

  Insta: @connor.stitt

  Discipline: BMX

  See Connor in Action: HERE



jump pack best kids ramp for bikes


  Name: Corbin Lee

  Country: USA

  Insta: @clee_mtb

  Discipline: MTB

  See Corbin in Action: HERE




Portable bike ramp


  Name: Josh Palmer

  Country: UK

  Insta: @palmerv10

  Discipline: MTB

  See Josh in Action: HERE



jumpack bmx ramp hopper


 Name: Jake Burnitz

 Country: USA

 Insta: @jake_buritz

 Discipline: BMX

 See Jake in Action: HERE



Jumpack trottinette rampe


 Name: Mickael Faure

 Country: France

 Insta: @micka_wfr

 Discipline: Trottinette / Scooter

 See Micka in Action: HERE



Jumpack best ramp for kids


  Name: Sebby Lee

  Country: UK

  Insta: @senditwith_sebby

  Discipline: MTB

  See Sebby in Action: HERE



jump pack trottinette rampe

 Name: Julian Lahaye

 Country: France

 Insta: @julian.l_buisson

 Discipline: Trottinette / Scooter

 See Julian in Action: HERE


Jump pack bmx ramp


  Name: Harry Banks

  Country: UK

  Insta: @banksybmx

  Discipline: BMX

  See Harry in Action: HERE




bmx ramps


  Name: Jonah Spang

  Country: Germany

  Insta: @jonahspang

  Discipline: BMX

  See Jonah in Action: HERE



Best ramp for kids


  Name: Sonny Laywood

  Country: UK

  Insta: @sonnyd_shredz

  Discipline: MTB

  See Sonny in Action: HERE





Jump pack trottinette rampe



  Name: Miquel Constantin

  Country: France

  Insta: @constantin_zanzibar

  Discipline: Trottinette / Scooter

  See Miquel in Action: HERE




Rampe for trottinette


 Name: Quentin Pourresy

 Country: France

 Insta: @quentin.pourresy

 Discipline: Trottinette / Scooter

 See Quentin in Action: HERE