Snowboard Ramps

Jumpack Ski & Snowboard ramp jump

Jumpack For Snowboard & Ski

Although we are all used to creating our kickers from snow, The Jumpack offers something a little different. When trying to stretch out that gap into the down slope, the Jumpack kicker provides the opportunity to place the ramp in a safe position, and as your confidence grows and speed increases, move it back with every jump to find the sweet spot. For boarders not yet familiar with getting air, it offers a safe way to learn away from the busy snow parks.

Jumpack on Snow

Simply place your portable kicker beside a drag lift and spend your day hitting your own private ramp until you're ready to mix it up on the bigger stuff..

Urban Boarding

Jumpack Handrail

When the lifts close it normally means an end to the days action. With a Jumpack you can continue the fun as long as you want by creating sick jump spots around the hotel or chalet. If there's rails to nail, Jumpack gets you up there.


Jumpack's modular capability allows two ramps to be connected together side-by-side doubling the take-off width. In shotgun format Jumpack also makes the perfect portable Ski ramp.

Jumpack ramp for skiing