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A New Time For In-Line.

best skate ramps

At Jumpack we make the best skate ramps hands down. In 2016 our portable ramp concept won the biggest Invention & Innovation competition in Ireland - INVENT 2016. Check us out Jumpack Wins

Check Out The Jumpack Pro 3 Kicker Here

In-line skaters the world over are getting very excited about our Jumpack skate ramps. While every skater has their favorite spot to session, with a Jumpack portable skate ramp you not only be able to enhance your current spots, you will be able to create new and unique skate lines everywhere you go.


  • Super light at just 6kg in custom backpack

  • Ramp Transformer - Deploys in seconds with zero assembly.

  • Patented dampening system ensures no sliding or slippage.

  • Super strong, no more cracked ramps.

  • 3 height settings - grow from zero to hero.

  • Modular design, connect with other ramps.

  • A ramp for life, every single part is replaceable.

A Jumpack skate kicker makes that hand rail accessible or that gap possible. You'll be able to practice your tricks at a location of your choosing and if the weather turns bad, simply move on and redeploy your portable ramp in a place that offers shelter so the session can continue.

Check Out The Jumpack Pro 3 Kicker Here

Jumpack has a patented anti-slide dampening system so won’t move during use either so feel free to hit it as hard as you can.

Our skate ramps are also modular, so if there is more than one ramp available you can connect them together to create larger skate trick ramps.

best skate ramps

Many riders are even using their Jumpack at the skatepark to enhance the natural features, with a Jumpack ramp the possibilities are endless. And at only 6kg, you can wear it as you skate from location to location, a ramp that literally goes everywhere you go.

 If you own a Jumpack the only limitation is your imagination.

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