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The Most Portable Bike Ramps on Planet Earth

At Jumpack we make the best ramps for bikes hands down. In 2016 our portable ramp concept won the biggest Invention & Innovation competition in Ireland - INVENT 2016. Check us out Jumpack Wins

Best jump ramp for mtb

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Jumpack was designed by Phil McIntosh, a past Irish National DH Mountain Bike champion with over 40 years of jumping and mtb ramp building expertise.

Originally developed specifically as a mountain bike jump ramp, Jumpack can be used in all environments including off-road settings.

This makes it the perfect urban and off-road bike ramp for all types of mountain bikes including Downhill, Enduro and Ebikes.


  • Super light at just 6kg in custom backpack

  • Ramp Transformer - Deploys in seconds with zero assembly.

  • Patented dampening system ensures no sliding or slippage.

  • Super strong, no more cracked ramps.

  • 3 height settings - grow from zero to hero.

  • Modular design, connect with other ramps.

  • A mtb ramp for life, every single part is replaceable.

Jumpack mountain bike Ramp

With a Jumpack all you will require is a suitable landing as you already have the perfect take-off, just position your ramp and take flight.

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Best kicker for mtb

Jumpack has a patented anti-slide dampening system so won’t move during use either so feel free to hit it as hard as you can.

If you are new to mountain biking and want to learn the art of jumping then Jumpack is the perfect training ramp. 

With three height settings from just 4 inches up to a maximum of 17 inches, Jumpack will provide a safe and controlled 'learning curve' to getting air!

mountain bike ramps

In a 2020 TV show on Channel 4, motorcycle road racing legend Guy Martin had to learn how to jump a bike for the first time in his life.

The ramp of choice? Jumpack.

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Watch the full Channel 4 Show HERE

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