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Trying to find for the best ramps for stunt scooters? You are in the right place.The Jumpack Scooter jump ramp is already recognized as the best Scooter kicker in the stunt scooter and trottinette freestyle world.

You will see some of the worlds most talented riders using our scooter trick ramps including Jamie Hull, Cody Flom, Jordan Clark, Scoot2Street and Sogo Sakakibara to mention a few. They have all fallen in love with our product for the same reason. The opportunities and freedom that our portable scooter jump ramp provides.

  • Super light at just 6kg in custom backpack

  • Ramp Transformer - Deploys in seconds with zero assembly.

  • Patented dampening system ensures no sliding or slippage.

  • Super strong, no more cracked ramps.

  • 3 height settings - grow from zero to hero.

  • Modular design, connect with other ramps.

  • A scooter ramp for life, every single part is replaceable.

Jumpack is super lightweight at just 6kg's in its custom backpack, so you can cruise around all day taking advantage of every gap, wall and rail on your way. It goes where you go. If you're going on holiday, it even fits in the overhead compartment.

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Jumpack scooter ramp

Can you imagine that every time you see a perfect place to session, you could just close your eyes and a scooter launch ramp would appear as if by magic? A Jumpack portable kicker makes this a reality. It doesn't matter where you are, you can have an 'instant' scooter launch ramp ready to send in seconds.

This is a game changer for scooter riders across the globe. Whether you want to turn a local car park into an urban playground with 'pop-up' ramps for bikes and scooters or simply practice in front of your house, the Jumpack scooter ramp is as versatile as you are.

"this ramp will help you progress" 

(Review starts at 6:40)

In Jumpacks standard 430mm / 3-stage height format, it's a scooter ramp that's aggressive enough for any rider. But for less experienced riders or for situations that require a less aggressive kicker, sections can be quickly removed to produce smaller scooter mini ramps with a lower take-off height.
This makes Jumpack one of the best stunt scooter ramps on the market, a kicker that can actually help new riders learn the art of getting air while also providing more experienced riders with the type of air they'd expect from much larger permanent wooden scooter jumps.
Jumpack Scooter ramp

On the lowest mini ramp setting it's ideal for entry level riders as young as 3-4 yrs, in fact we have quite a few little rippers in this age category in our @jumpackgetairanywhere scooter community.

Check Out The Jumpack Pro 3 Kicker Here

Jumpacks innovative and patented dampening system ensures that however hard you hit it, it wont move from its position. Those sliding plastic scooter ramps we all remember are a thing of the past.

Check Out The Jumpack Pro 3 Kicker Here

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Jumpack, the only scooter ramp you'll ever need.

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