Jumpack Founder

Philip Mcintosh

Inventor & Extreme Sports Enthusiast

Hi I’m Phil, the inventor of Jumpack. Born in 1970, I'm a child of the Evel Knievel generation which meant I had little choice but to ride and jump bikes from a very early age.

In the 1980’s, I became a Northern Ireland BMX Champion, in the 90’s a multiple Downhill Mountain Bike Champion, and in the 2000’s I even became an All-Ireland Downhill Mountain Bike Champion.

Jumping bikes is what I loved then, and what I still love now. Over the past 10 years I have combined that love with over 40 years’ experience to create Jumpack - the ultimate portable ramp system.

Meeting The Queen

This is the day I met the Queen at the in London. Thus was part of an investment programme for inventors across the UK

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Ryan Williams

Hanging Out With Nitro Circus & Ryan Williams

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Getting Air

It's In The Blood

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Over 40 Years Of Experience

Jumpack is the result of 4 decades of ramp building expertise combined with a lifelong passion for jumping bikes...

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