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In 1976 I was already 6 years old and jumping bikes. Daredevils like Evel Knievel and Eddie Kidd were jumping their motorcycles over busses and landmarks while millions of kids sat glued to their TV screens in awe.

At the same time, TV shows like The Dukes of Hazzard, The Fall Guy and Hooper held on to the coattails of this new daredevil phenomenon that was sweeping the planet.

Fast-forward a few years and thousands of those kids that had sat cross legged in front of the TV are now ‘daredevils’ in their own right, mostly on a new type of bicycle that had been developed in the US specifically for doing ‘stunts’ – The BMX.

The Days Before Jumpack

Fast forward another 20 years and those young Daredevils have evolved into adults with the new term of ‘Extreme Sports’ programmed into their DNA.

It was around this time that Mountain Bikes also started to appear on the scene. Developed by ex-Pro BMX riders, these bikes had 26” wheels and burly reinforced steel frames that could withstand the punishment of off-road racing. This provided a natural progression for some of those BMX riders to move directly into the brand-new sport of Mountain Biking.

It brings me great satisfaction to say that I was one of the kids that lived that experience, that amazing action filled life that continued for over 40 years and remains the same today.

During that time, I have won BMX Championships and Downhill Mountain Bike National titles and even qualified to race at world level in Downhill MTB in 2002. But racing was not what I loved, hitting huge jumps was where I built my reputation.

Developing The World’s First Portable Jump Ramp for Bikes

By the time I decided to design and develop the world’s first portable kicker I knew the 40 plus years’ experience I had designing and building ramps would be invaluable. The fact that I was also a qualified mechanical engineer only added to the potential of this product being special.

Although, there were easy and obvious options that initially filled our design pages, ‘easy and obvious’ was not what I had in mind for ‘The Jumpack’.

Jumpack will be like something Batman would own. It would be technically advanced, it would be revolutionary in the way it worked and it would help deliver the required skills to entry level riders of all ages. 

This ramp was destined to be everything a ramp could be. It was to be the ultimate jump ramp for bikes of all types and riders of all levels. Jumpack would be the ‘Rolex’ of ramps.

Why Not Make A Wooden Bike Ramp?

Given that in the past 4 decades I had designed and built literally hundreds of wooden jump ramps, timber was the first material to be considered, and the first to be discounted. We knew there are problems with using timber.

  1. Weight. Wood is heavy. Portability means you can carry it while you ride, not in a car or van. If you have a van, build a cheap ramp from wood and transport it in your van. That is not the problem we aimed to solve.
  1. Requirement for Assembly. For a wooden ramp to be transported, it will need to broken down into multiple parts. What we did not want to develop was a ‘Jigsaw’ ramp that required 5 minutes of fiddling to make usable. Then when parts get lost the ramp becomes redundant. Jumpack would deploy like a transformer with no requirement for assembly at location. If you need to jump a feature before security arrives, Jumpack will give you the time you need.
  1. Weather Protection – Wood absorbs water and without regular maintenance and protection, a wooden ramp can become structurally unsound.
  1. Profile – The perfect ramp should have the perfect curved profile. Multiple flat surfaces or a single flat ‘wedge’ style ramp does not provide the perfect jump trajectory, so this was something we had to avoid.
  1. Advancements in Material Technology. – Over the past 40 years the advancements in materials have been exponential. Materials developed for aerospace, Formula 1, Space exploration have now found their way into other industries. Carbon Fibre, composites, unique alloys have all started to filter through to sports products.

21st Century Materials For a 21st Century Product

 Jumpack produces award winning ramp design


If we were to design and manufacture the ultimate bike ramp, we would need to take advantage of the advancements that have been made in materials. You can not build a ‘21st century product’ while implementing materials and processes from the stone age, or in this case, the 'wood' age...

We eventually decided on a very special composite similar to the material used in producing assault rifle bodies. Super strong, lightweight, durable, and impervious to weather conditions. Jumpack is built for urban assault from the ground up.


A New Dimension

The dimensions of Jumpack are unique and based on the geometry of a World Cup Downhill Mountain Bike. This was to ensure that both wheels are on the ramp before your front wheel leaves it. This is essential to deliver the optimum flight path at high speeds. There is a reason behind every single dimension.

 Jumpack best ramp for jumping bikes

While endeavoring to produce the perfect ramp for all types of bikes, we have by side effect, designed the perfect ramp for a multitude of sports including Skate, Scooters, Inline, snowboard and even mountain boards.

FMX Star Ronnie Renner training with his Jumpack

FMX Star Ronnie Renner Creates New Lines During MTB Training

The experience of Jumping a Jumpack is beautiful, a smooth ‘whoosh’ followed by a huge boost as you would expect from a static wooden ramp, only a Jumpack travels to the next location with you.

And if you are new to Mountain Biking then you can adjust the height of your ramp and increase the height incrementally as your confidence and technique develops.

 Learn to jump with a Jumpack

 Mtb coach in Hong Kong prepares a new generation of Daredevils

If You Jump Bikes, You Need a Jumpack. Using is Believing!

 Jumpack ramp at the BMX track

Mtb rider in Ecuador spices up a local BMX track 

Some of the worlds top riders in MTB and BMX including many riders from the Nitro Circus team have already adopted Jumpack as their ‘go-to’ ramp system. Mountain bike coaches from around the world incorporate Jumpack into their lessons as it is the easiest way to develop Jumping skills. Anywhere! Park, car lot, playground, indoors or outdoors a Jumpack creates a jump spot in seconds flat.

Jumpack training ramp for MTB coach


Take Your New Skills to The Trails

A Jumpack will help progress your skills when you are not at the trails. Period. By using a Jumpack to develop your Jumping skills you will find that these skills will transfer to all areas of your riding. You will be able to hit natural dirt jumps with greater speed and with total confidence. You will fly higher and further than ever before. You will be hooked for life..



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