Jumpack Partners with DD Airbags!

A Next-Level Ramp System for The Next Generation of Rippers

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Over the past few years there have been a few brand-new companies that have been creating waves in the Action Sports industry. Two of the leading lights in this arena have been Jumpack - Get Air Anywhere and DD Airbags.

These two highly innovative companies have now joined forces creatively to form what could be a partnership made in ‘Action Sports’ heaven!


Grom Airbag DD airbags Jumpack bmx ramp

Jumpack is an Award-Winning portable ramp from the UK that has become a ‘must have’ product for riders across the world and now boasting users in over 60 countries. Lightweight and immensely strong, the Jumpack ramp has been providing ‘portable air’ to enthusiasts in BMX, MTB, Scooters, Skate and Snowboard since they first ‘launched’ in 2018. Their customers include some of the most high-profile athletes in the extreme world. Deployed in a matter of seconds with no assembly required, Jumpack is a ramp that was designed with the user in mind. Carried in its own custom backpack, and at only 6kg, Jumpack can be worn comfortably all day as you ride skate, skate or scoot from location to location and was the first of its kind anywhere on earth.


Jumpack portable ramp for bmx scooters mtb


Jumpack dimensions ramp DD airbags

DD Airbags are a revolutionary Air Bag Lander company from Australia that is the realisation of a vision by Todd Meyn, Nitro Circus BMX star and one of the world’s top BMX athletes with many ‘World’s first’ tricks to his name. Todd’s vision was to bring training equipment, usually reserved for professional riders, to the public. As tricks are becoming bigger and more complex with every new generation, a means of practicing these tricks safely in a controlled environment became an essential part of our sport. Air bag landing ramps allow riders to fully commit to new tricks and combinations in moderate safety until the required muscle memory is established and the trick can be landed reliably every time before moving to a solid landing or resi-ramp. This has resulted in an explosion of new riders around the world being able to mimic the tricks of their favourite riders.


Todd Meyn Nitro Circus DD airbags Jumpack ramp

Todd Meyn demonstrates the beauty of an airbag landing system.

During a trip to the UK in 2019, Todd Meyn from DD Airbags and Phil McIntosh, inventor of the Jumpack met and had an opportunity to discuss their mutual ideas and goals for providing the next generation of rippers with the very best equipment that could be designed. With over 40 years of BMX and MTB heritage between Todd & Phil, anything they do together was going to be special!


On Friday 18/06/21 DD Airbags released their new GROM Airbag designed to work specifically with a Jumpack Ramp. What is the significance of this I hear you ask? For the first time extreme sports enthusiasts have a completly portable Ramp + Inflatable Lander system that will fit in the trunk of a car and set up in minutes at any location. So, you don’t have the room to set up and inflatable bag system at home? It no longer matters, now you can set it up anywhere!


DD Grom airbag for Jumpack bmx ramp
DD airbag ramp for Jumpack ramp kids action sports


Now that kids now can practice like the Pro’s, it will revolutionise action sports and have a massive effect on trick progression over the next decade. We cannot wait to see the results!


Portable ramp system DD Jumpack bma

Now that DD Airbags & Jumpack have joined forces to provide the best equipment available, can we expect to see other exciting products in the not-too-distant future?

Yes, absolutely, we are only getting started….


Jumpack & DD Airbags – The winning combination.

Anything else is a compromise.



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