Jumpack Sells-Out Worldwide

Jumpack Sells-Out Worldwide!

At the end of 2018, after almost 10 years in development we finally released what can only be described as a game changing product for action sports. The product is the revolutionary portable ramp system - Jumpack.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, the Jumpack is the world’s most technically advanced portable jump ramp for BMX, MTB, Skate, Scooters, Snowboards, in fact just about everyone that enjoys ‘Getting Air’.

There had always been a few ramp options out there that were described as being ‘portable’, but when you look at the weight, you realise it’s only portable if you have a van! (and possibly three friends to help you load it into the van).

The Jumpack is a different type of weapon. At just 6kg in its custom backpack, Jumpack can be carried comfortably by the user as they ride or skate from location to location. Essentially a ramp that can go everywhere you go.

The potential Jumpack provides is almost limitless! And with a sub 20 second set-up time, you can have it in place and have your content captured before the security guy even gets out of his chair! Whether you’ve got access to Pro spots or no spots, the Jumpack transforms your environment into your own personal custom playground in seconds. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Within a few months of release, some of the worlds most talented athletes already had a Jumpack at home. People like Tony Hawk, John Hill, Simon Tabron, Brandon Schmidt, Jordan Clark, Cody Flom, Jamie Hull and Spencer Foresman (to name a few) had already adopted the Jumpack as their ‘go-to’ street ramp, with every single rider providing glowing reports on how well it performed.

By August 2019 Jumpack had already shipped ramps to customers in over 50 countries with content appearing every day on social media from riders across the world! We’ve seen BMX star Courage Adams boosting huge 360’s in Lagos, BMX demo’s in India, street riding in Hong Kong and even Jumpack being used on TV by Guy Martin in his attempt to recreate that legendary scene from The Great Escape!

In September Jumpack was invited to partner with Nitro Circus to help promote the huge event planned for Wales in May 2020. This placed Jumpack in the hands of legendary athletes like Ryan Williams, Jed Mildon and Todd Meyn who used the Jumpack to create some insane action on the grounds of Conwy castle for the promotion of the event in May. The riders were so impressed with the portable Jumpack that they took them home!

While it was obvious from the positive reviews and customer content on social media that the Jumpack was capturing the imagination of riders around the world, what’s more impressive is that all of the attention was organic and not delivered as a result of massive marketing spends. The success of Jumpack has been due to how well it works and how much people love it.

While Jumpack sales had grown month on month throughout 2019, in November something clicked, and the sales counter started to spin out of control. Sales were coming in faster than we could process them. By the start of December our Christmas inventory was completely sold, by the 13th of December our ‘January sale’ inventory was gone too. By the 19th December every available Jumpack in every store worldwide was also sold.

Of all the problems that we have faced during this journey, selling out of stock is definitely not the worst. It is a problem, but it’s a positive problem. It means we got it right. We know we didn’t spend enough money on marketing, so this tsunami of sales was due to the positive things our customers were saying about our product, and that makes it the most amazing problem ever.

We do have more ramps in production as I type this, which are expected to be ready within weeks and we already have hundreds of customers on our pre-order list with more signing up every day.

I have a feeling 2020 is going to be special.