The Ultimate Gift For Christmas 2020

The Jumpack Effect...

Are you wondering what to get the kids for Christmas 2020? It might not be as difficult a decision as you might think.

Now that Summer has come to an end and most kids have already returned to school, parents across the world will already have one eye on Christmas.

With 2020 bringing travel restrictions and massive uncertainty in terms of social mixing, many parents will be giving some extra thought as to the most suitable gifts to have under the Christmas tree this year.

If the challenges of 2020 continue into 2021, and it looks likely, it will be essential that kids can keep active and are able to continue with their usual sports and activities as much as is possible. This should be a key factor in gift selection this year.

For the thousands of kids across the world that ride BMX, MTB, Scooter or Skateboards, the Jumpack ramp has been an invaluable piece of equipment for keeping boredom at bay during these difficult times.

By side-effect, Jumpack sales have soared during the Covid pandemic as parents have opted to keep their kids closer to home and provide them with the means to create their own fun without having to rely on public skateparks or trips to the track. In fact, Jumpack has been one of those ‘must have’ products during 2020 with thousands of ramps being shipped worldwide.

One of the features that makes Jumpack so popular is its portability and usability. At only 6kg kids can carry their ramp as a backpack and deploy it ‘transformer style’ in a matter of seconds. With multiple height settings it has become hugely popular with entry level riders as well as athletes on the Pro circuit.

When folded, Jumpack takes up very little space in the trunk of your car, so it can also accompany you on vacation if you plan to ‘holiday at home’ next year. Even if you do decide to take a flight somewhere, it even fits in the overhead compartment.

Jumpack is the ultimate jump ramp for anyone involved in BMX, Scooters, Mountain bikes or skating as it really helps to develop the riders skill set, coaches worldwide are now using Jumpack ramps to teach their students the correct technique for jumping, it’s that good.

If you are wondering how your child might react to a Jumpack this Christmas, we can provide some insight into that because the reactions are normally all the same, all over the world. Getting a Jumpack is like finding a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket, its life changing.

We call it The Jumpack Effect.

The Jumpack Effect from Phillip Mcintosh on Vimeo.


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