Jumpack Supports Nitro Circus in Wales

Nitro Circus Signed Jumpack

The people of Wales are in for a treat this year with one of the world’s craziest actions sports events
taking place in Cardiff this May. Extreme sports legend Travis Pastrana will be bringing his death-defying group of athletes across from the US to show UK audiences exactly what’s possible in 2020.
The show will feature one of the biggest ramps anywhere on earth where riders will take their skills and courage to the absolute limit!

Nitro Circus Team using Jumpack ramp

To help create some promotional content for the show, I was invited to join the squad along with some of our portable bike ramps. The Jumpack ramp is totally unique in terms of action sports ramps as it is the only ramp on earth designed to be transported in a backpack as you ride.
It helped the Nitro Circus riders to set-up some amazing action scenes around the grounds of the beautiful Conwy Castle.

Some of the best athletes on earth were on-site for the filming including BMX & Scooter star Ryan Williams, BMX riders Todd Meyn, Jed Mildon & Kurtis Downs and MTB stars Dusty Wygle and Ethen Roberts.

Jed Mildon was first to grab one of our ramps before launching into a huge wall ride while being filmed by Ryan Williams. Jed entered the record books when he landed the first triple back flip on a BMX in history. Ryan Williams, more affectionately known as ‘rwilly’ is considered as the top Action sports athlete on earth right now with a collection of X - Games Gold medals and unique tricks to his name. The whole squad totally loved the Jumpack and decided to bring the ramps home with them to the US and Australia!

 Jumpack meets Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Scooter

To see these riders ‘doing their thing’ in real life was mind blowing. Every trick was launched with total precision. At one stage in the day Ryan Williams decided it might be possible to jump from the top of the castle walls into the huge quarter pipe before boosting a crazy 720 flip! The Nitro Circus crew take riding to the very limit of what is humanly possible. It was a truly inspiring experience and all of the guys were so cool and friendly.

If you’ve never seen a Nitro Circus show, you really don’t want to miss the event in Wales, it’s jam packed with some of the most incredible talent on earth. This team of riders is as good as it gets, and we feel so honoured for Jumpack to be associated with them.

The worlds ultimate ramp system is right where it should be, in the hands of worlds most technically advanced riders.

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