The Worlds First Urban Assault Ramp For Skateboarding.

Over the past 4 decades skateboarding has evolved beyond all recognition. If skaters from the 70's were able to travel through time to see how far skills and tricks had developed it would seem like nothing short of witchcraft.. The bag of tricks carried by skaters today would have been written off as impossible back in the day..

Skater John Hill with Jumpack

One thing that hasn't evolved though is our ramp technology, until now.

The Jumpack portable skateboard ramp is changing the way we see our surroundings. With a Jumpack mini-ramp you can create the perfect skate spot everywhere you go.

At under 6kg, Jumpack is light and comfortable to wear as you explore. With it's super fast deployment action you can take advantage of any location within seconds of arriving. And be ready to leave before the security guard even knows you're there...

Jumpack Best ramp for Skateboarding
Jumpack skateboard ramps are also designed to be modular so multiple ramps can be 'clicked' together to form larger 'Trick Ramps'. So you can really create your own urban skate park wherever you go.
Jumpack Skateboard ramps
And with its custom GoPro clip accessory, you can capture all of the action without someone having to hold the camera.

You can also format your skate ramp into smaller ramps to suit the trick or obstacle, or simply to create a 'Kerb Buster' so you can carry your speed into that natural feature.

With a Jumpack you own your environment.

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